Our Introduction to Culinary Class offers Bakers (18+) with little to no experience in the kitchen an overview of the basics of culinary in an environment that emphasizes learning new skills while also helping to create a product for one of our Invictus micro-enterprises: grain-free sweet potato dog biscuits. Using an individualized teaching method, the latest Microsoft technology, artful modifications, and physical guide templates, the Bakers are eased through the basics of following a recipe, measuring, heating, safety, and sanitation. We challenge our Bakers to build stamina, learn and practice basic culinary skills, and develop the ability to work together as a team to create a tangible, high-quality product. These classes are led by a team of pastry and culinary professionals but are designed for anyone interested in the culinary arts.  Each 4-hour session is an artful blend of customized instruction, learning, and social gathering for career-oriented, culinary and pastry bakers as well as ambitious newcomers. We take your simmering passion for food and all things culinary and bring it to a rolling boil in our Invictus Bakery!


Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays; 11am-3pm


Covid-19 Safety Protocols Strictly Upheld


Saturdays: 11am-1pm & 1:30pm-3:30pm


$200 per 2-hour class


Cake School teaches enterprising Bakers-in-training the fundamentals of all things cake-decorating. This series provides basic training in the art and skill-sets necessary for all enterprising Bakers. Invictus’ Pastry Chef, Irene Dambriunas, leads each baker through the initial phases of Invictus’ Cake Curriculum, and our class series is open to anyone who wants to build mastery, and we nurture a true love of cake-making. The course work curriculum supports training for Bakers (16+) interested in the culinary arts. Each 2-hour session is an artful blend of customized instruction, learning and fun.


This introductory class is open to the public, welcoming all passionate people looking to build their own business. Entrepreneurship can seem intimidating. There are many components of running your won business from tax compliance and insurance regulations to state and federal laws, and from budgets to strategic implementation. Invictus breaks down each component so they are understandable and easy to naigate. We open access to all and help guide each blossoming entrepreneur through their own process and target key areas for development to help them thrive in their business endeavors.

Sessions topics will include:

  • Exploring Business Venture Ideas
  • Building a Digital Platform
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-Commerce Basics
  • Using Technology to Empower your Business
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting 101
Thanks to a generous donation from Microsoft, our workspace is outfitted with the latest technology. Our touch screen enabled laptops allow Bakers of all profiles to follow our process and create our high-quality goods. Microsoft Technology is the bridge that allows us to enable productivity in our overlooked and untapped workforce.