Our Team

Alison Berkley .

  Executive Director/Co-founder

Educator, entrepreneur and autism expert with over 19 years of experience in the field of special education. 

Molly Sebastian .

Mother of Autistic child driven to apply her parenting and professional experience to create and develop employment solutions for her daughter and the extended autism community.

Executive Director/Co-founder

Danette O'Connell .

She has been helping nonprofits start and grow since 2004 by empowering them with divergent entrepreneurial thinking and a unique combination of finance and operations experience. 

Director of Finance

Dana Greenberg .

Parent and Community Liaison

Mother of teen twins, one with ASD. Wants to use her knowledge to guide

other parents through the process of applying for services to benefit their child.

Lead Instructors

Sandy Song

Sandy is an occupational therapist with over 10 years of experience working with kids with autism and sensory processing disorders. Being part of the Invictus Kitchen, she helps to create the most optimal environment and workplace that can showcase the wide array of skills from our Bakers. 

Amy Johnson

Amy has a diverse background in special needs recreational programming and as a project leader at Outward Bound. As our Instructor in charge of Invictus Operations, Amy is responsible for all of aspects of classes ranging from devising individual Baker goals to team parings to oversight of classes.

Irene Dambriunas

Irene has spent the past five years working as a baker and pastry chef in various bakeries, cafes and restaurants throughout New York City. She is very excited and honored to join the Invictus Team and show the Bakers what she has learned to assist them in their professional growth. 

Stephen Mayer

Stephen has been with the organization for about 2 years. Stephen received a degree in Elementary and Special Education in from Temple University in 2011.  Recently, he was awarded with the 2017/18 Teacher of the Year Award for his passion and dedication as a Newark Public Schools Special Ed Teacher. For the past year, Stephen has taken on a new role as a Special Education Academic Specialist at the Harlem’s Children’s Zone.

Thanks to a generous donation from Microsoft, our workspace is outfitted with the latest technology. Our touch screen enabled laptops allow Bakers of all profiles to follow our process and create our high-quality goods. Microsoft Technology is the bridge that allows us to enable productivity in our overlooked and untapped workforce.